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IP PLUS® Finnish innovation for connecting gravity drainpipes by welding

IP PLUS® welding system is a durable and environmentally-friendly solution for connecting gravity drainpipes by welding. The welding ring guarantees unique mechanical and chemical resistance for the connections, ensuring their durability and tightness. IP PLUS® is ideally suited to applications like wastewater drainage in groundwater areas, at service stations and in industry applications, but also in internal building solutions as well as agricultural sludge and wastewater systems.

The IP PLUS® welding ring can be installed quickly in just a few steps. In addition, the welding process is stored on the welding equipment for subsequent quality control purposes. The IP PLUS® welding system includes all the welding rings required for connection and a fully automatic welding transformer.

Technical specifications

Tested and approved IP PLUS® welding solutions for underground polypropylene drainpipe systems in accordance with EN 185 and/or EN 14758 in the size range of 110–560 mm. Learn more about the features of the IP PLUS® welding system by watching the video below




IP PLUS® applications

  • For sewerage in groundwater areas
  • For management of aggressive wastewater
  • For applications where connections must withstand tension and pressure
  • For applications at risk of tree root intrusion into sewers

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