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Individual welding solutions for durable results

What kind of welding solution are you looking for? We can design and implement individual welding solutions taking into account the pipe manufacturer and the application. This provides you with the most optimal welding ring, guaranteeing a cost-effective and durable welding result. We design and deliver individual, comprehensive solutions according to the connection type and the set durability requirements.

Our customised welding systems are suitable for welding large stormwater and wastewater pipes made of PE and PP plastics, as well as for welding protective casings for district heating pipes in the size range of DN 110–3,000 mm.

IP PLUS® allows you to weld quickly and securely

When you need a quick solution for piping applications where complete tightness and first-class mechanical and chemical resistance are required.

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Ville Rautiainen

Factory Director, Injection moulding products, welding rings

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