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Go further with us! Our aim is to find the solutions that truly enable your business to grow and gain your competitive advantage. We help our customers across Europe, and we always find solutions for the most varied needs. Come and enjoy an inspiring and agile collaboration, which brings you the highest quality solutions in the industry!

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IP PLUS® Finnish innovation

We have developed a unique welding solution for quick connection of smooth non-pressurised plastic pipes by welding. IP PLUS® is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective choice for applications that require complete certainty that the connections will not leak.

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Do you have a product idea that you want to realise?

Could your idea be turned into a concrete product that promotes your business? We can provide you with product and production mould design as well as injection moulding services. Just tell us about your needs and we can start a successful collaboration!

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Over 20 years of specialist experience in the plastics industry

Thank you for your interest in us! We are a Finnish specialist company in the plastics industry. Our operations focus on our customers’ needs and wishes, which we have been closely listening to for more than 20 years. Our passion is to find and develop new solutions so that we can genuinely solve our customers’ challenges. Just tell us how we can help.

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Our products

Our standard range includes the best injection moulding products for the manufacturing industry. If you are looking for a welding solution that guarantees the perfect tightness of plastic connections, we recommend you take a closer look at the IP PLUS® welding system!

Injection moulding products

High-quality chamber and pipe components for the manufacturing industry. Our injection moulding products have been designed, tested and manufactured to withstand the toughest conditions. If you cannot find a suitable product in our range, we can design and produce one for you!

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Welding solutions

We have developed the unique IP PLUS® welding system that allows you to connect plastic pipes securely and cost-effectively. We can also provide customised welding solutions, always taking into account the specific characteristics of your application.

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Our services

Looking for a customised solution? Tell us about your idea and we can help you design a product that promotes your business. We will take care of the design, manufacture, storage and logistics if you wish. Whatever is best for you!

Product design

Are you thinking about a new product but not quite sure what it should be like? We can design a product for you based on your idea. We will help you develop the best solution, starting with the choice of materials.

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Production mould design

Do you have an idea for a mould that you need? We can help you design and produce the most suitable mould for your technical needs and application.

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Injection moulding services

We can provide you with injection moulding services to turn your ideas into concrete products together. We will take care of the assembly, packaging and storage of the products for you. Whatever you need!

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IP PLUS® is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way to connect plastic pipes

The IP PLUS® welding system is a reliable choice for applications that require complete certainty of durable connections. Learn more about this Finnish innovation and its features by watching the video below!